Wealthcare360™ - Coaching

designed for business organizations and their employees

The Wealthcare360™ - Coaching platform is a financial wellness program designed for business organizations and their employees.  The purpose of this program is to engage employees on maximizing the benefits of their employer plans and develop a strategy for incorporating them into their own personal financial planning framework.  For more information, check out the Wealthcare360™-Coaching website



The Johnston Group works with clients through its own unique planning framework, Wealthcare360™.   The Wealthcare360™ process creates a framework for financial decision-making that provides all clients a sense of comfort, confidence and peace of mind when pursuing their financial freedom and other life goals. 

The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360™ service level is the firm’s traditional client service platform for higher net worth clients with greater financial complexity, while the Wealthcare360™ - Foundations program is designed for younger professionals and individuals new to the investment process.  The Johnston Group also recently created a Wealthcare360™ - Coaching platform for business organizations looking to engage their employees in financial wellness and maximizing the value of their employer benefits.  



The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360™ platform provides comprehensive financial planning services for busy professionals and high net worth individuals seeking to align their decision-making with their most important life goals.  Through a series of planning meetings, Wealthcare360™ clients develop a clearly-articulated vision for themselves that serves as the foundation of their client experience.  Once these goals and vision are established, The Johnston Group creates a specific roadmap and personal strategy for achieving these dreams.  Going forward, The Johnston Group acts as a personal board of advisors, providing advice and counsel in areas including but not limited to:

  •  Investment Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance and Risk Management

  • Employer Benefits

  • Education Saving & Investing


Wealthcare360™ - Foundations

young professionals and new investors seeking education

The Wealthcare360™ - Foundations platform is specifically designed for busy young professionals and new investors seeking education, organization and a strong foundation for pursuing their financial goals.  Wealthcare360™ - Foundations clients are growth-oriented and intentional about their purpose for seeking financial advice.  The Johnston Group works with these clients to build a structure in their lives that provides a sense of confidence in their overall financial direction.  Clients in this program have access to low-cost, tax efficient investing vehicles to execute a personalized savings and investing strategy based on their planning conversations with The Johnston Group.  Other common areas of discussion include:

  • First-time home purchase

  • Education savings

  • Estate documents (will, power of attorney, health care directive)

  • Insurance (life, disability, property & casualty)

  • Employer Benefits

  • Tax Strategy 



Each portfolio is constructed and managed with the full perspective of each client’s personal strategy, risk tolerance and time horizon.  We utilize low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios designed to deliver the investment returns necessary to support each client’s goals without assuming unnecessary risk. 

Our evidence-based investing approach supported by facts, research and historical data combines with an implementation strategy designed to balance and manage between performance, diversification and costs while achieving the most important outcomes for our clients.