a unique planning framework, which personalizes and customizes the process of building wealth and cash flow, in order to support each client’s unique vision and financial needs. 



The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360™ [wc360] platform provides comprehensive financial planning services for busy professionals and high net worth individuals seeking to align their decision-making with their most important life goals. 



Through a series of planning meetings, Wc360™ clients develop a clearly-articulated vision for themselves that serves as the foundation of their client experience.  Once these goals and vision are established, we create a specific roadmap and personal strategy for achieving these dreams.  


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The purpose of financial planning is to achieve a desired outcome – your desired outcome. Only you can provide leadership in what it is that you want.  For that reason, our first meeting is focused on understanding your personal mission, vision, and values.  Through a series of exercises, we will help you develop and prioritize specific goals that articulate your vision for the future.

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The Johnston Group advisors take full inventory of your assets and cash flow – including:

  • income and spending
  • bank accounts
  • investments
  • retirement plans
  • tax returns
  • estate documents
  • insurance policies

We prepare personalized materials that offer a snapshot of your current financial position and then commence the process of aligning your financial life with the vision that you articulated in the Personal Strategy Map meeting. This is a collaborative process in which The Johnston Group advisors begin formulating an efficient strategy by which you can meet your goals and priorities according to your timeline.

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The final meeting combines the qualitative information obtained in the Personal Strategy Map session with the quantitative information gathered in the Comfort Compass meeting to deliver a clear roadmap for achieving your vision.  This roadmap includes specific recommendations for savings and investments, tax efficiency, estate planning, insurance, as well as guidance in areas such as employer benefits and cash flow management.  You will leave this meeting with a clear structure for making sound decisions, and you will have the confidence of knowing that a comprehensive plan is now in place to secure your most valued objectives.



Going forward, The Johnston Group acts as a personal board of advisors, providing advice and counsel.

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The Johnston Group acts as an ongoing fiduciary to its Wealthcare360™ Clients. We are committed to implementing and monitoring your customized financial strategy, making adjustments along the way as life changes unfold. Wealthcare360™ Clients have access to The Johnston Group’s full complement of resources and services, including:




Each portfolio is constructed and managed with the full perspective of each client’s personal strategy, risk tolerance and time horizon.  We utilize low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios designed to deliver the investment returns necessary to support each client’s goals without assuming unnecessary risk. 

Our evidence-based investing approach supported by facts, research and historical data combines with an implementation strategy designed to balance and manage between performance, diversification and costs while achieving the most important outcomes for our clients.