A financial wellness program designed for the executives and team members who drive results for their organizations.

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Participants receive guidance in how they can maximize the value of their compensation and benefits, as well as one-on-one support for incorporating those benefits into a larger financial plan. 

Businesses have a vested interest in promoting the financial health of their employees. Team members who feel their company cares about them and their future are more inclined to care about the company and its future, while those who are preoccupied with their personal finances tend to be distracted and unproductive. Organizations that choose to engage employees in financial wellness programs are likely to see improvements in employee loyalty and retention and in overall team efficiency.

The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360™ – Coaching platform delivers the firm’s unique Wealthcare360™ framework to your organization with a focus on improving employee financial wellness and decision-making.  The goal of the program is to provide leadership and direction for your employees’ most pressing financial concerns, and to educate them on the value of their benefits package and how those benefits can support their personal financial strategy.



The purpose of the Wealthcare360™ – Coaching program is to provide leadership and education to employees in a broad range of financial areas, and to facilitate participants’ financial wellness through disciplined pursuit of short and long-term goals.  




The Wealthcare360™ – Coaching platform delivers advice and guidance on your company’s specific compensation and benefits.  To do so, the process begins with a meeting between The Johnston Group advisors and your HR and Benefits leaders to gain a full understanding of the compensation structure.  Next, we conduct a survey of employees in order to understand their most pressing questions and sources of financial stress.  Once we’ve gathered this information from both the organization and the team, we develop a customized strategy for encouraging benefits engagement and for building a sense of financial efficacy in team members.



We design an online survey that is customized with your company branding that evaluates the employees financial, investment and benefit awareness  allowing us to pinpoint the necessary topics that will benefit your team. Through various presentation formats (presentation, lunch and learn, webinar), The Johnston Group advisors communicate to employees about the values of financial wellness, including the importance of setting goals and being purposeful in financial decision-making.  We review and provide education on company benefits, and offer insight into how those benefits can strengthen employees’ personal approach to their finances.  All participants receive a copy of Brad Johnston’s book, More Than Money, which outlines the origin of the Wealthcare360™ planning framework and the enormous long-term benefits of creating a personal decision-making structure and financial strategy. 



Following employee outreach and engagement, all participants have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one advising sessions with The Johnston Group advisors to address their specific financial questions and concerns.  Employees complete a pre-session handout detailing select personal information as well as their specific objectives in seeking financial guidance, and this form serves as the basis for discussion in each one-on-one session.



Coaching platform is applicable to employees at all levels, from new team members just commencing their careers to seasoned executives approaching retirement.


Following the initial engagement and one-on-one advising sessions, employees have the opportunity to continue building their personal financial strategy with The Johnston Group through one of three distinct service levels: