Since our inception over 20 years ago as a client-focused, goals-driven financial planning and wealth management firm, our team — your team — has grown into a full-fledged multi-family office committed to delivering each new client with the same degree of care and personalized experience as we did our first. 

We're immensely proud of the diverse and passionate team we've assembled along the way, and we encourage you to click on the pictures below to hear each of their stories. They are not only our trusted associates — they are also our friends, our family, and your finest advocates.



Letter From The Founder


          Consider what will bring you happiness, recognition in your abilities, and a sense of fruitfulness and productivity. Decide what abundance looks like to you whether that is an early retirement and a new Airstream, or hiking the Pyrenees, or simply not worrying about the grocery bill. 

          When you've come up with the picture of exactly what you want, then it's time to assemble your team the people who will help you make your vision a reality. Your spouse or partner, your family, your friends, your business associates, whoever it may be. You've got to assemble the people you trust and can rely on.


          When I founded The Johnston Group in 1994, I envisioned getting to know my clients as individuals and understanding what they wanted from life. Then I wanted to help them, so they'd have the freedom to achieve their goals. Investments would be the immediate catalyst in that work, but I clearly saw that investments that is, buying securities in and of themselves were not the final answer. It would be about giving people a sense of freedom and confidence that began in their finances and then ran into all aspects of their lives.

          I had a clear vision about who my clients would be. It wasn't that I was eager to work with people from a certain profession or with expertise in any particular area. No those things didn't matter to me. I wanted to work with any individual who had a sense of purpose for what they wanted to accomplish with their time and money and with the kind of relationships they have in their life. That was my guiding philosophy when I began The Johnston Group, and it continues to guide me now, after more than twenty years in business.


          Instead of focusing on how much you have, I begin by learning about you. Your personal mission, values, and vision. I get to know you as a three-dimensional person I learn your story and where you see yourself down the road. You're different from my past clients, and I take the time to learn what makes you, you. Once I've gotten to know you, then I go to the numbers.

          What's on your statements? What's on your tax return? What's on any legal documents that you have? Insurance policies? Employment agreements? All of these are elements of your net worth and cash flow. We put together a clear, vivid picture, and as part of that we acknowledge that every item is affected by some rate of return, some degree of risk, some registration or legal obligation, and some taxation. We look at all these elements through the prism of the vision that you have.

          Then we ask the central question: What do we need to do to align your trajectory with your goals?

Brad Johnston, CPWA®,
Founder and President