Better Together Event Recap: Rachel Hollis’ – Made for More


Excited to be with a group of good friends and fantastic women, I walked into the theater to find my seat, and hurried as much as I could, because naturally -  I was late, the movie had started and I had been too busy chatting and making sure everyone remembered to take their candy, popcorn and soda.


I reclined my seat back, took a big sip of my caffeine free cherry diet coke and sunk into the gigantic seat that was stuck right in between two women who inspire me! I sat back in awe of this moment. Here I am, in a theater, surrounded by 28 women from all different ages and walks of life. These 28 women each have some fantastically unique quality that I admire, they all have an energy I want to be around. Now I am about to sit through Rachel's (we're on a first name basis now!) documentary and be poured into even more with her humor, her realness and her passion. How lucky am I?

Our Better Together event last night was an experience that brings me so much joy. I feel filled with Gratitude and energy. Gratitude for the community of women that I get to spend time with and energy from all of those women and from the encouragement and fire that Rachel Hollis' messages and words of encouragement and truth can light within me. This is the first time I have been in a movie theater and pulled out my phone to take notes 😉. 

Rachel does an incredible job of being so real and so authentic that it's easy to connect with her. She has set out to put positive media and messages into the world because she knows and has seen firsthand how damaging all of the negative messages, comparisons, un-achievable and un-relatable pictures, stories and media are. Can I get an AMEN!! This is so refreshing.

I walked out of the theater on a high. Joining together in community with women who want to show up and hear more about how they can be better, do better and grow personally makes my heart SING!

Thank you for your support and for showing up and taking part in this Better Together Community! I hope that you have found our events to be as encouraging, fun and inspiring as I have. Each one of you women who shows up and connects with us makes each of these gatherings so great. Thank you for your willingness, curiosity, time and openness.