Better Together: Interview with The LinkedIn Gal, Jen Chenoweth

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jen Chenoweth’s workshops last week and after it I knew I had to have her come talk to our Better Together community to share all of her goodness! Jen works at Target and also runs her own business – The LinkedIn Gal. Jen is a breath of fresh air! You go into one of her workshops thinking you’re just going to make your LinkedIn profile appear super fly and you leave feeling inspired and encouraged to look deeper into your purpose and strengths- forcing you to see that the awesome person you are writing about is YOU! Do not be fooled into thinking that LinkedIn is just another social media profile for you to create, Jen will help you to see it in a whole new light. 


We will be partnering with Jen to offer a few of her workshops for the women in our Better Together community but I also wanted to ask her a few questions so that you could get a feel for who Jen is and the incredible work that she does.

Jen, tell me a bit about YOU!

Me in three: 

  1.  Wife of a very tall man and 3 tall children

  2. Wisconsin native, but I consider myself Minnesotan

  3. LinkedIn Consultant / Career Coach / HR at Target HQ


Why LinkedIn:

Twin Cities professionals do some pretty amazing things and tend to be incredibly humble about their accomplishments. When I talk with people about what they do professionally, I learn the heart, meaning and intentionality behind how they spend their work time. LinkedIn is a tool for people to explain their career history, but also the very good reasons for why they do what they do. Every time I meet with someone, I am reminded that most people are just plain good people trying to help other good people and that is a pretty great thing to talk about on LinkedIn.

Why should someone have a presence on LinkedIn:

Remember Rolodexes? My dad had one on his desk at work and I remember looking at it as a kid feeling like that thing was a goldmine of smart people with great jobs. LinkedIn is the modern-day Rolodex. With changing email addresses, phone numbers, and jobs a website has become the easiest way to stay connected to someone no matter where their career takes them. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your own personal website.

Most commonly misunderstood aspects of LinkedIn and/or it’s use:

  1. LinkedIn is only for job-seekers

  2. Being active on LinkedIn is disloyal to your employer

  3. Your LinkedIn Profile is the same as your resume.


Check it out my Twin Cities Live appearance where I talked about this exact topic:

If someone is just starting a LinkedIn profile what are the top 3 things they should do: 

  1. How do you want to look when you are at your professional best? Get a headshot that reflects it! Humans are highly visual and having a great headshot sets the tone for who you are without having to say a word.

  2. What experience has set you up for this exact moment? List your educational credentials and various professional roles you've have had. Highlight the aspects of each position through the lens of where you are at in your career today (i.e. you don’t have to include every detail, just the parts that seem the most relevant for the direction your career is headed).

  3. What do you care about most? Write a great summary which explains the value you bring to an organization, highlights your best skills, and explains why you do what you do.