Motherhood: “It never gets easier, it just gets different.” – LTYM 2018


Last night we had the gift of joining a group of women for a show called Listen To You Mother. This live show was a collection of mom’s and daughters sharing different stories and snippets of their experiences with Motherhood. It was outstanding! Every woman’s story was so different, yet everyone could relate to pieces of these stories. We all laughed, cried and cheered these women on wanting them to know that they are heard, they are seen, they are valuable, and they are incredible. We all have a story to tell! Don’t minimize the profound effect that your story might have on someone else if you are willing to share. We need each other, and we are all more alike than we are different.

In honor of Mother’s Day and following up on the fabulous event last night, I took a moment to interview, Maggie Johnston, our office Mom and Chief Enthusiast….and it just so happens that she is also my mom.


What is your reaction to the show we saw last night?

"It was amazing! Hundreds of women in one room together – with 13 brave women getting up to tell their stories that made us laugh and cry was profound!"


What about being a mom did you learn from your mother?

"The one thing I always remember about sharing our personal stories – my mother would always say we are here on earth to grow a soul and I interpret that to mean that we all need to share our stories no matter how painful or joyful they are. That it’s in that sharing that we take care of each other and learn from each other."


What has given you the most joy as a Mother?

"That each of my children has a unique gift and that they always share their own unique gift with me and I feel so blessed that I get to watch and see those gifts develop."


What would you say to your Mom this Mother’s day if she were here with you?

"I love you and you have been my teacher and have showed me unconditional love! Thank you for the color that you have filled my life with!"


Where do/did you get your support, energy and confidence to be the Mom that you are?

"From my Mom and from my friends that were developing and becoming mom’s right along with me. We all learned from each other. I didn’t have family nearby so my friends were my family."


What is your least favorite part about being a Mom?

"Doing lots of laundry and constantly emptying the dishwasher!"


What unique strengths/gifts do you think Mom’s possess?

"Intuition and listening to their children. It is a gift."

How has being a Mom shaped your life and your path you’re on today?

"Because we are challenged as parents to weave in and out of different areas of life... I have learned that we can do anything that we set our minds to and if we don’t know how to do something, it's ok to ask for help! Surround yourself with others who can help you, walk with you and guide you!"


Can you remember a time or times when you felt overwhelmed as a young mom? What advice to you wish you could give to that young mom”

"Break everything up into small pieces. When feeling overwhelmed: do something for yourself (for me it was a long, hot bath), break your challenges up into smaller pieces, don’t look at them in mass and ask for help (ask your child, spouse, mother, friend, neighbor!)"