Better Together: Event Recap

We talked to the women in our office and asked them to share a bit about what it was like to host the first event in their 2018 Women's Series. Here's what they said:

That night was beyond what I had hoped or planned for. Getting 35 women together in a room alone created instant joy, connection and was so energizing. Coach Quen was exceptional. Her presence was calm, she’s approachable, she’s caring and she’s passionate. She asked questions and gave us to-do’s that caused me to sit back and write down ideas, values and goals that I had never spent time thinking about before. I left wanting and needing more.

The group of women that came together that night to kick off our women’s series was a diverse group of women ranging from 25 – 75, the way everyone connected and shared their stories and fears was magical. I am so pumped about continuing to build this community and continuing to plan more events that speak to the needs of the women in our lives.”
— Abby Anderson
AMAZING! I can’t even begin to express the amount of energy a room full of powerful and driven women brings. Coach Quen did an amazing job making people feel comfortable and welcomed. She challenged me to think in a way I haven’t thought about before and truly helped me find my super power. Now its up to me to dig deep and build on it!
— Kelsey Feriancek
Women truly are BETTER TOGETHER and this event proved it. It was an amazing time and space to learn and grow. Coach Quen was inspirational! Her energy was incredible and the pace of the event was perfect. She kept us all engaged and led us through a thoughtful process of self-reflection and discovery. She created a safe space for women to engage and take risks. She also provided us with concrete take-aways to continue our growth outside of the event. It was a wonderful night and I was so proud to be a part of it.
— Kate Johnston
I was in awe all evening long. It was very organized and made for an unforgettable event where women could gather and just ‘be.’ We’ve always talked about how women long for these moments of inspiration and growth, but so often we set them aside with all the other ‘to do’s’ we have in our life (usually meaning taking care of others). How wonderful to have an evening where, from the moment you walk in, you are taken care of! From the valet, coat check, warm welcomes, food, drink, and an amazing speaker the night was one of self care and full of inspiration I look forward to the next women’s event!
— Cynthia Vander Poel