Whiteboard Series: Episode 4 – Investing with a Tax Coordinated Portfolio

Investors often focus exclusively on security selection and asset allocation when constructing their investment portfolio.  While these decisions are incredibly important in determining long-term investment success, they are not the only factors to consider in developing a comprehensive investment strategy.  Smart tax planning – more specifically, tax efficiency in the portfolio – can also play a significant role in a portfolio’s growth over time.  In this episode, I am joined by The Johnston Group’s Chief Investment Officer, David Webb, to discuss a Tax Coordinated Portfolio and the benefits of asset location.  Tax Coordinated Portfolios are applicable to just about any investor and are often overlooked in investment planning.  Simply placing the right assets in the right types of accounts can reduce the tax drag on an investment portfolio and add tremendous value over long time horizons. 


The Whiteboard Series is a continuous exploration and discussion across a wide range of personal finance topics. Through a series of drawings, interviews and explanations, we hope to educate and simplify important financial planning principles.