Better Together: My Journey, My Family, & Living Wisely

Better Together: My Journey, My Family, & Living Wisely

There are few topics women are hesitant to discuss with each other – even with complete strangers!  Let’s face it, within 5 minutes of meeting someone new, we could easily be sharing stories about our marriage, birthing details or best practices for organizing our homes and closets.  But what about finances?  No chance!  Right? Anyone agree? As a young (can I still say that?) woman, mom, wife, I am guilty of this myself.  I live for sharing stories, tips, shortcuts, life hacks and such with all the awesome women I meet, but one part of my life I never seek advice from them on - never even bring up –  is finances.  Why is that? 

Okay I get it, finances are personal.  But I’m not suggesting we start sharing our household income or what a new pair of boots cost.  I’m talking about our general approach to a financial strategy.  As moms and women, we are already some of the best when it comes to organizing, efficiency, multi-tasking, delegating and getting more bang for our buck, so what if we started sharing our experiences with managing money?  What if we supported each other, encouraged each other to stay involved in our finances and shared ways in which we worked together with our spouses and kids to put ourselves and our families in the best financial situation possible?

From my experience, it seems that most of us have picked up the same habits around money and finance that we observed from our parents or important adults in our lives.  Whether this is intentional or not, these experiences are often the only financial education that many of us have had. Sure, we all know you need money to do the things we want to do in life, but I don’t know that many of us have had much guidance on how to come up with a long-term plan for your family’s financial strategy.  The process is confusing (where to start?) and intimidating (am I capable of doing this?).  It’s also very overwhelming given our hectic schedules and time constraints.  If I’m being honest, all of that sounded so overwhelming to me before (still sometimes does!) and it’s much easier to keep pushing it out.  We’ll work on this when we’re older and have more money.  Ha! This is like me saying that I will get a personal trainer as soon as I get skinny.  That’s not how it works.  Instead, we need to engage each other, educate ourselves, share ideas and talk about finances more if we want to be better money managers, savers, budgeters, etc.

So, you’re bored already?  Come on, Abby, can’t you just talk about something else. I know, I get it!  But I want to start a conversation with the women in my life and the women in our community:

  • What is working for them?
  • What do you need more support with?
  • What are some helpful tips?
  • What are your fears?  What keeps you up at night?
  • How does your family approach finances?

There’s no doubt that it’ll be uncomfortable and awkward at times; but I also think that out of these conversations we will feel empowered by others, supported and excited to learn more and feel more capable of taking charge.  Also, just know that you certainly don’t have to do it all yourself.  There are so many helpful resources, bloggers and platforms available today to help in this process.  Obviously, I work for an incredible office that will help any type of client – regardless of age and financial resources – develop a financial strategy.  But you also cannot sit back and not participate.  Good financial planning comes from active engagement.  We refer to all of our client relationships are partnerships, because productive plans require mutual responsibilities.  It involves some work, but it’s very necessary if you want to feel less stressed about money and finances.  You can do it!  There is little that we women cannot accomplish, am I right? Let’s encourage each other and get real about the fact that we’re all worried about our finances. 

If I haven’t completely lost you by now – saweet!  I’m very excited to lead this conversation and encourage active engagement on important financial discussions.  We’ll dig into more fun, exciting topics and education as we go.  I would love if you would email me any questions, concerns that you have around money/finances and I will begin to open them up for discussion or address them in future blogposts. Thank you for being a part of this very important conversation!