The Johnston Group is a financial planning and wealth management firm based in Minneapolis, MN and Sioux Falls, SD. Founded in 1994 by Brad Johnston, The Johnston Group serves individuals and families with sophisticated investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning needs, as well as young professionals seeking a strategic framework for growing their net worth, saving for retirement, and pursuing their life goals.


Mission Statement

Helping individuals and families achieve their personal and financial goals.

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Our Story

Our Story

In 1994, after spending years working in a variety of financial investment firms, Brad Johnston founded The Johnston Group with a mission of developing an independent, client-centered approach to financial advising. Over more than two decades, The Johnston Group has helped thousands of individuals -- from family business owners to corporate executives and young professionals -- find peace of mind in their financial world while developing a personalized strategy for accomplishing their meaningful life goals.

Our Process

Our Process

We believe that developing intimate, personal relationships with clients is the foundation for meaningful financial planning. Through our own in-house process, Wealthcare360, we develop a financial decision-making framework -- customized for you and your families' unique needs -- to empower you to more purposefully pursue and secure your most important goals, needs, and dreams. 


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

As an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), The Johnston Group is a true fiduciary to clients. This means that, unlike many other firms, our investment recommendations must always be in the best interest of our clients. This also means that we don't receive commissions for putting certain investment products into your portfolio.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The Johnston Group is a diverse team of professionals with experience ranging across all areas of the financial advising profession -- financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, investment management, risk and insurance management, wealth management, and compliance. Our team's certifications include CFA®, CFP®, CPA, CPWA®, and AIF®.


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Our Fiduciary Duty

Unlike many other firms, The Johnston Group is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that we have a responsibility to treat all clients with the highest standard of care, and are always required to act in the client's best interest when offering investment advice.




The Johnston Group is fee-only, which means that we charge a one-time fee for planning and an ongoing fee for investment management, depending on the platform and services you engage with. These fees are always clearly communicated to you, and we don't generate commission or receive compensation for selling you into certain investment products. 



Many firms are "fee-based," which means they can charge you fees and earn commission for selling you certain investment products. Furthermore, "fee-based" advisors are not always required to disclose that some of the investment products they're recommending are generating commission for them.

The Johnston Group is fee-only, not fee-based.



Best Interest STANDARD

The Johnston Group is a fiduciary, which means we're always required to act in your best interest. This standard goes above and beyond mere "suitability." Our investment recommendations are always made in your best interest, and as a firm we are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to meet this standard.



Many other investment and wealth managers are not true fiduciaries to you, in that they only have to meet a "suitability" standard, not the "best interest" standard, when recommending investment products. The suitability standard is weaker than the best interest standard, and these firms are regulated by FINRA instead of the SEC.

The Johnston Group follows best interest, not mere suitability.


Our Platforms


Family Office

The Family Office platform provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services for busy professionals, high net-worth individuals, and families seeking to align their decision-making with their most important life goals. Through a series of meetings, clients articulate their vision, which our team then puts into practice. Going forward, we act as a personal board of advisors, providing ongoing advice and access to counsel.


The Foundations platform is designed for young professionals and new investors seeking education, organization, and a strong foundation for pursuing their financial goals. The platform provides low-cost, tax-efficient investment vehicles to execute the personalized savings and investment strategies developed through the process. Ideal clients are growth-oriented and intentional about their purpose for seeking financial advice. 



The Process

The Johnston Group believes that for financial planning and wealth management to be successful, both you and your team of advisors need a comprehensive, holistic understanding of your unique goals, needs, and financial situation. We developed the Wealthcare360™ planning framework to accomplish that.

The Wealthcare360™ framework is an in-house, proprietary approach, refined over a decade by our founder Brad Johnston, to:

  • provide you with a structured process for financial decision-making; and

  • guarantee your advisors address your strategic needs from both the top-down and the bottom-up -- as a big picture, but with care for the details

We've also found that this framework results in clients having a greater sense of comfort, confidence, and peace of mind when pursuing their financial freedom and other life goals.


Our Services


Retirement Planning


  • Develop specific savings targets
  • Review and analyze retirement accounts
  • Consultation of employer benefits
  • Cash flow analysis

Investment Management

Investment Management

  • Portfolio analysis and construction
  • Robust diversification
  • Ongoing research and analysis
  • Focused on after-tax, after-fee performance

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

  • Comprehensive review of wills, health directives, POAs
  • Trust management and administration
  • Transfer strategies & implementation

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

  • CPA-reviewed returns & projections
  • Goal-driven coordination of overall tax structure
  • Strategies tailored for the specific tax-status of accounts


Risk Management

  • Full insurance needs analysis
  • Coordinate, implement overall protection plan
  • Ongoing monitoring and review

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

  • Advisory on employer benefits
  • 529 and other education planning
  • Next-generation engagement
  • Charitable giving and foundation management


Risk Questionnaire

Most firms in the industry measure your risk profile by having you take a risk questionnaire. These questionnaires generally only capture one thing: your risk tolerance. However, your risk tolerance is only one aspect of your overall risk profile. There are two other important elements to your overall risk profile -- your risk capacity and your risk requirement. These components can only be captured by analyzing your personal balance sheet, your cash flow, and by clearly defining your future financial goals and needs. 

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Better Together

Better Together

A Minneapolis-based women's series by The Johnston Group.

Fostering community and conversation among motivated women with the aim of strengthening financial decision making, pursuing personal growth and seeking progress over perfection. We can do this and we are Better Together! 


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The Johnston Group works with disciplined, growth-oriented individuals and families who are intentional about -- and committed to -- achieving their future financial goals, needs, and dreams. If this sounds like you, please connect with us using the form below and we'll schedule a call or meeting to determine if our firm is the right fit for you and your family.




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