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The Johnston Group works with clients to build a structure in their lives that gives them confidence that they can achieve the things that matter most to them. Through our own unique process, Wealthcare360™, we provide individuals and their families a framework for financial decision-making that allows them to be purposeful and efficient with their money as they work towards securing the important goals and outcomes in their lives.

The Johnston Group, LLC is an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor.


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Partner. Plan. Prosper. 


Partner.  Successful client relationships are dependent on developing a comprehensive, intimate partnership with each of our clients.  To serve our clients’ best interests, we need to fully understand their goals, values and personal information.  Honesty and transparency are the hallmark of each client relationship and a strong partnership lays the foundation for a successful planning experience.   

Plan.  Once the partnership is formed we work with clients in articulating their life’s goals and vision while developing an actionable strategy to close the gap between where they are now and exactly where they want to be.  Once clients set their specific goals, The Johnston Group provides a custom roadmap for achieving them while also navigating the areas of investment management, tax & estate planning, risk management and insurance. 

Prosper.  With a strong partnership and specific plan in place, clients are on the journey to prosperity while working within the decision-making structure created by the Wealthcare360™ framework.  The Wealthcare360™ experience provides all clients with a sense of comfort, convenience and peace of mind as they focus on their priorities while on the journey to financial independence and fulfillment.  


Wealthcare360™ SERVICE LEVELS


The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360™ service level is the firm’s traditional client service platform for higher net worth clients with greater financial complexity, while the Wealthcare360™ - Foundations program is designed for younger professionals and individuals new to the investment process.  The Johnston Group also recently created a Wealthcare360™ - Coaching platform for business organizations looking to engage their employees in financial wellness and maximizing the value of their employer benefits.